This way you can save on your bank charges

As the end of the year draws to a close, we thought about giving you some tips to help you lower your bank charges. That way, you can spend less on managing your daily finances next year, and in 2019, you can spend more on Christmas presents. In addition to the general tips, here are some good bank accounts.

Belt bag versus digital world

Unfortunately, many are still in the XXI. Even in the 20th century, the slogan “no hassle code does not ask for a code” is true, but if we are only a little conscious of how we manage our finances, we can see that postal check payments and home savings are long overdue.

Instead of paying by check, choose a much more convenient and faster way of transferring money , and set up a direct debit for monthly overheads.

You should use a comparative calculator to select the bank account that best suits you . Here you can set the average number of remittances we receive each month, including regular remittance and direct debit. It is also important to choose whether you would like to receive notification sms about all of our money transactions in your account, or just be notified of our card spending. It is also worth setting the amount that you receive on your account on a regular basis, as this may result in a more favorable account package.

It is definitely worth applying for a credit card

It is definitely worth applying for a credit card

This is the so-called touch card, which is usually called PayPass. Usually you will need a relief credit card when you go abroad and want to rent a car or the hotel has not been prepaid. Otherwise, it is advisable to request a cheaper electronic card where the card numbers are engraved on the card and not prominent. For Internet use, some banks may require an Internet card separately.

Keep in mind that you can withdraw cash from any domestic ATM for free by law if we make a statement to that effect. The law provides free cash withdrawal up to HUF 150,000 per month and two transactions per month. Whichever of the two limits applies, whichever month the client reaches earlier in the month. And if you do withdraw cash more than once a month, you should set this up in the comparator, as there are several bank accounts that offer additional free or discounted ATM options.

Banking can even be completely free

Banking can even be completely free

The Good Finance Digital Account Package has been available since December 3rd this year, and is currently the best in our comparative calculator in almost every category. The bank does this by not requiring a monthly minimum incoming credit. The real interesting thing about this account package is that if you apply for an embossed credit card and purchase at least $ 150,000 a month with it, the bank will refund $ 10,000 of your annual bank charges each year .

If you don’t have a lot of wire transfers or cash withdrawals, we won’t even cross this $ 10,000 limit, so you can use your bank account for free. This is to encourage us to use our credit card regularly for purchases. And with a monthly spend of $ 50, you can easily get involved when it comes to monthly purchases by a family.