Change mortgage insurance:Insurance to save money

Recall that since the beginning of the year two thousand and eighteen, all people who have subscribed a borrower insurance to cover a mortgage against the risks of life have the opportunity to change mortgage insurance . Depending on the case, the termination of a credit insurance contract by another can generate up to thirty thousand euros in savings by saving up to 30 K €!


How to work your mortgage?

How to work your mortgage?

Among the projects of a lifetime, becoming a full owner of one’s property is one of the goals. Home ownership is financed mainly by the establishment of a mortgage. So, you have to know how to surf the wave of interest rates down to achieve several thousand savings on the cost of borrowed money .

From renegotiation to renegotiation, the cost of your mortgage can be reduced by two! The second element that is part of the Pattycorement immobilier plan is the credit insurance coverage. Changing mortgage insurance can save you small amounts of money that accumulate in thousands of euros over the life of the loan .


Change mortgage insurance

Change mortgage insurance

So, the first question that comes to mind is ” Why do I have to change mortgage insurance? “. So, it should be noted that group insurance contracts offered by banks are two to three more expensive. Indeed, the subscription of a borrower insurance policy is cheaper when it is subscribed directly by the borrower with the insurer.

Because it should be known that the borrower insurance proposed by the bank is identical to the level of the guarantees supported, but different when its financial cost. Your banker earns high margins on the amount of your term of credit insurance.

There was a time during which the banks made it mandatory to subscribe to their group contract, and this without the possibility of termination. That’s why the Lagarde law of July 1, two thousand and ten has stopped this monopoly by giving the right to borrowers to subscribe their insurance borrower from the insurance company of their choice! The Hamon law strengthened this system by giving borrowers the possibility of terminating their group insurance contract during the first twelve months of amortization of the mortgage.

So this is not over with new features in early 2018 that offers the opportunity for all borrowers to change mortgage insurance on each anniversary date of the mortgage.


The loan insurance delegation

loan insurance

The borrower insurance contract on assignment is always more advantageous than the group contract of the bank. As mentioned in the above-mentioned paragraph, the banks are booming with up to fifty percent margin. On the other hand, a borrowing insurance delegation makes it possible to subscribe essentially to the necessary guarantees. The contract is tailored to the needs of the subscriber .

For example, a smoker who quits smoking can with a creditor insurance delegation readjust his contract as soon as possible. as a result, it makes it possible to pay less, while a group contract does not allow readjustment according to the medical condition of the borrowers. Delegated contracts even make it possible to maintain the same coverage in the event of health deterioration.

Also, the loan insurance delegation is the opportunity to obtain the best guarantees at the same price as the group insurance, see more attractive. So how to get an offer of delegation to change mortgage insurance insurance? The steps can be taken by the borrowers themselves. However, it is highly recommended to use an insurance broker. It is a true professional who determines the best insurance coverage borrower according to the expectations and needs of the subscriber .