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From Jan Williams, MS, JD, LCADC, site owner:

Online Addictions Services

Through this site, I offer free addictions information, a free blog open to anyone (only registration is required), and professional services based on my 37 years of experience as a licensed addictions counselor and 39 years of personal recovery. Payment for my Daily Addiction Recovery Tips is done through PayPal and is secure, and encrypted. Please contact me at 443-610-3569 or at with any questions or concerns about my services. As you can see by reading my blog posts, I favor a spiritually based approach to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, but recognize there are many paths to recovery and will support any rationally based approach to seeking abstinence. Out of respect for the Traditions of the 12 Step Programs, I strive to avoid any specific personal references to my membership in 12 Step Programs.

Addictions Recovery Blog

I offer through the blog portion of the site an opportunity for discussion, by me and the public, of addiction, addiction treatment, recovery, support services, 12 Step Programs, and any other material relevant to addictions and recovery. Newcomers to recovery, old timers, addictions professionals, significant others of a person with a drug or alcohol problem, are all welcome. Registration is required to cut down on spam and other unsavory intrusions.

The rules for blog participation are simple:

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    Email Jan Williams at or call him at 443-610-3569, with any questions about this site, the blog, or services.

Research Corroborates Anecdotal Recovery Truth that Emotional Maturation Stops as Addiction Begins

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Just a brief informational note. ScienceDaily, April 17, 2012,, summarized research findings about emotional maturity of individuals who drink problematically: "When more than 400 25-year-old adults were interviewed, some showed signs of alcohol use problems, but their problems didn't correlate to self-reported feelings of immaturity. When surveyed again four years later at age 29 and then again at age 35, subjects expressed different sentiments: individuals who showed signs of alcohol abuse or dependence also self-reported feeling immature for their age." In addiction recovery circles, it has been common knowledge for at least 35 years (my recovery span) that when an individual begins addictive use of alcohol or other drugs, his/her emotional maturity ceases. Most alcoholics and drug addicts tend to drink or drug to deal with all feelings, good, bad, or indifferent (boredom), thereby hindering emotional growth. Most of us recovering people learn to grow up spiritually and emotionally in recovery. As always, comments are invited. Jan Williams, 04/18/2012.

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